Woodcraft is founded on a heritage of beautiful cabinetry.

Based in the Art Deco workshop that has been home to the Woodcraft name since 1982, our craftsmen work without compromise. Using traditional techniques, exquisite natural materials and innovative features we create high quality, beautiful, practical products.

Take a look through our gallery, as you’ll see our most valuable asset is our craftsmen. Their wealth of experience and genuine passion is awe inspiring.

You’ll also see how doors have become something of an art form at Woodcraft. Bespoke lacquer finishes are designed and mixed by our craftsmen using age old techniques originating from the piano industry. This is thanks to our long standing partnership with LJR Gloss Polyester, and their industry leading expertise.

As we say in the workshop…The devil is in the detail, and we’re unapologetic in our dedication to getting it absolutely right.